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I’ve been doing a continuous delivery talk for a while now and during my talk I describe a pattern of how to safely migrating one database to another database without downtime. Since many people contacted me and asked for more details about it, I will describe it here in more details as promised.

You can use this pattern to migrate between two different databases, for instance between MySQL and MongoDB or between two schemas in the same database.

The idea of this pattern is to do a lazy database migration…

Few years ago, before the social networks explosion everybody knew that it is important to keep your identity hidden and not to reveal any personal information about yourself. People used nick names and not shared personal information on the web. But as time passes where more and more services were being used in the cloud and social networks became popular we have lost all control of our privacy and personal information.

Lets take for instance Google and see just how much information Google know about us.
It started with email services like Gmail where Google knows all about our personal correspondence…

A lot of people heard about Spotify company structure of Guilds and tribes. We at have a similar structure that has evolved over time and influenced by their ideas (we actually started naturally evolving into this structure even before we discovered the Spotify paper), however we have our own interpretation of the structure and the role of the Guild.

In this article I will try to walk down memory lane and describe my experience in building the first Guild (back-end JVM Guild) in Wix, which is now the role model of all the other Guilds at the company, and…

Aviran Mordo

VP Engineering

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